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3DEM meetings and workshops


7-9 January  CCP4 Study Weekend on Atomic Model Building  Nottingham University, UK
Sessions on topics such as refinement, validation and representation, with a focus on producing the best possible model from experimental data including X-ray, EM reconstruction, and electron diffraction.
Registration required

19-30 January  EMBO Practical course CEM3DIP 2020: Single particle cryoEM of macromolecular-assemblies and cellular tomography  Kolkata, India
Major topics covered include Single particle cryoEM (Theory, hands-on specimen preparation, insight into data collection and hands-on image processing practicals).
Registration deadline September 15, 2019

15-19 February  64th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting  San Diego, CA USA
CryoEM Subgroup Saturday session, biophysics-themed symposia and workshops
Abstract deadline October 1, 2019

16-20 March  Understanding Biology Through Structure 2020  Santa Fe, NM USA
Forum promoting interactions between junior and senior researchers and highlighting recent results in cryo-EM and crystallography.
Registration deadline March 16

18-21 March  4th International Conference on Cryo-3D Image Analysis   Lake Tahoe, CA USA
Technical discussions of state of the art image analysis approaches and algorithm developments to tackle challenging biological problems and to identify current limitations in the field.
Early registration deadline Jan 31

21-26 June  GRC: Visualizing Biological Complexity Across Scales in 3DEM  Castelldefels, ES
The 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy will celebrate its 35th year of existence, by continuing the tradition of highlighting the best of cutting-edge research in 3DEM.
Application deadline May 24

2-6 August  Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting (M&M 2020)  Milwaukee, WI USA
Multiple Sessions, tutorials, and symposia related to 3DEM

2-7 August  American Crystallographic Association 2020 Annual Meeting  San Diego CA USA
Workshop and sessions sponsored by the ACA Cryo-EM Special Interest Group.

13-16 September  9th International Conference on Electron Tomography  Egmond aan Zee, NL
The conference will highlight the latest developments in the field of tomography.


1 November  North Atlantic Microscopy Society 2nd Annual Meeting  Princeton, NJ USA
Topics discussed this year include Big Data/Mass Specrometry Imaging, Cryo Electron Microscopy, Super Resolution Light Microscopy.

3-9 November  EMBO Course: Practical Integrative Structural Biology  Hamburg, Germany
Participants will learn how information from different structural biology techniques (MX, EM, SAXS and NMR) can be combined with computational modelling techniques to address the three-dimensional structure of challenging biomolecular complexes.
Application deadline 15 August

5-7 November  ESRF workshop on sample preparation for cryo-EM  Grenoble, France
This workshop is aimed at PhDs, PostDocs and scientists new to the field of single particle cryo-EM
Application deadline 29 September

6-8 November  eBIC, Diamond Light Source microED workshop  Oxfordshire, UK
The goal of this workshop is to introduce MicroED to structural biologists.
Application deadline 30 September

9-12 November  MicroED workshop  Los Angeles, USA
Gonen Laboratory's 5th MicroED workshop covering all aspects of the method.
Application deadline 1 October

19-20 November  3rd Instruct Workshop for Best Practices in CryoEM  Strasbourg, France
Intended to promote sharing of experiences by EM user facilities and is open to EM facility scientists, manager and computing specialists both from Academia and Industry (max 50 participants).
Registration deadline 15 October

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