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3DEM meetings and workshops


15-19 February  64th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting  San Diego, CA USA
CryoEM Subgroup Saturday session, biophysics-themed symposia and workshops
Abstract deadline October 1, 2019

16-20 March  Understanding Biology Through Structure 2020  Santa Fe, NM USA
Forum promoting interactions between junior and senior researchers and highlighting recent results in cryo-EM and crystallography.
Registration deadline March 16

21-26 June  GRC: Visualizing Biological Complexity Across Scales in 3DEM  Castelldefels, ES
The 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy will celebrate its 35th year of existence, by continuing the tradition of highlighting the best of cutting-edge research in 3DEM.
Application deadline May 24


7-11 January  6th Annual Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology Workshop: Single-Particle Cryo-EM  Piscataway, NJ USA
Immersive course focusing on single particle cryo-EM with presentations, lectures, and practical exercises.
Registration deadline Nov 16, 2018

28 January-1 February  Otago Cryo-EM course  Dunedin, New Zealand
Course covers single particle and tomography methods, intended for PhD students and researchers that are actively performing cryoEM or would like to start in order to bring their projects to the next level.
Application required

12-13 February  Cryo-TEM workshop  Texas A & M University
The workshop will comprise of lectures covering different aspects of Cryo EM, including sample preparation, imaging, computational image analysis, and CLEM.
Registration required

2-6 March  63rd Biophysical Society Annual Meeting  Baltimore, MD USA
CryoEM Subgroup Session, Role of Data Resources in Biophysics, Methods for X-ray Tomography and Electron Microscopy
Abstract deadline October 1, 2018

11-13 March  S2C2 Cryo-EM Imaging Process Workshop  Stanford-SLAC, Menlo Park, CA USA
Single particle cryoEM image processing workshop at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, aimed at beginners in cryoEM image analysis
Registration required

31 March-13 April  2nd Prato Workshop on Single-particle Cryo-EM and Tomography  Prato, Italy
In-depth training in image processing of electron micrographs in the areas of single-particle analysis and subtomographic averaging
Registration required

25-26 April  3rd Missouri Symposium in Molecular Biophysics  Columbia, MO
Focus on Structural Electron Microscopy, multiple cryo-EM experts invited to speak including Wah Chiu (keynote).
Registration required

29 April-1 May  5th Annual CCP-EM Spring Symposium  Nottingham University, UK
Forum highlighting state of the art developments in computational cryoEM and showcasing outstanding recent applications.

6-9 May  CryoEM/CryoET Data Processing Workshop  Galveston, TX USA
The workshop will cover EMAN2, SPHIRE, CHIMERA, COOT and PHENIX. The first day will cover CryoET and subtomogram averaging, followed by two days of single particle analysis, closing out with a day of visualization and model building.

13-17 May  Advanced Workshop on Cryo-Electron Tomography  Vienna, Austria
Workshop targets advanced audience with pre-existing knowledge in electron tomography, data processing and/or cryo-TEM. Weekend pre-course will be offered for less experienced participants (May 11-12).
Registration deadline January 31

21-23 May  ESRF workshop on sample preparation for Cryo-EM  EMBL Grenoble, France
Hands-on workshop aimed at PhDs, PostDocs and young scientists new to the field.
Application deadline March 10

21-24 May  Microscopical Society of Canada Annual Meeting  Vancouver, Canada
Goals are to bring together imaging researchers in Canada and abroad and to share exciting new research.
Abstract deadline March 30

31 May-8 June  54th course of the International School of Crystallography on the topic of 3D CryoEM image analysis  Erice, Italy (Sicily)
Inaugural School on 3D CryoEM image analysis at Erice, will cover current practices in image processing and analysis both for single particle analysis and tomography
Registration deadline November 30, 2018

8-9 June  New!: 3DEM Gordon Research Seminar  HongKong, CN
Novel Techniques and Breakthroughs in 3DEM of Biological Structures. Unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas.
Application deadline May 11 (oral presenters deadline is March 8)

9-14 June  3DEM Gordon Research Conference  HongKong, CN
The 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy (3DEM) will continue its tradition of exchanging and discussing the recent technical breakthroughs and biological discoveries in the studies of biological structures.
Application deadline May 12, early application is strongly recommended

16-20 June  2nd summer workshop in cryo-EM data processing at the University of Michigan  Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Five-day cryo-electron microscopy workshop will introduce participants to common image processing software packages.
Registration deadline March 4

4-5 July  Macromolecules in Action Symposium  Grenoble, France
Meeting aims to illustrate how big biological questions can be resolved in structural biology through the application of interdisciplinary approaches.
Registration deadline 30 May, Abstract Submission deadline 30 April

8-11 July  Instruct EM Image processing and hybrid modelling course  Madrid, Spain
Course will show how to use Scipion for image processing of EM images and construction of hybrid models (EM+atomic maps).
Registration deadline 31 May

10-12 July  S2C2 Modeling Workshop  Stanford/SLAC, CA USA
Basic principles and practical protocols to obtain atomic models based on cryo-EM density maps at near atomic resolution.
Registration required

15-16 July  Crick EM Symposium: Focus on Correlative Imaging Across Scales  London, UK
Symposium exploring the impact of electron microscopy on biomedical research across scales, with a focus on correlative imaging.
Early Registration deadline 31 May

17-19 July  Crick Advanced CLEM Course  London, UK
Hands-on CLEM course will cover three correlative workflows - 3D CLEM, Integrated Light and EM, and cryo CLEM.
Application deadline 30 April

20-24 July  American Crystallographic Association 2019 Annual Meeting  Cincinnati/Northern KY USA
Single particle reconstruction workshop, phenix for cryo-EM workshop, data best practices symposium, sessions on cryo-EM at cutting edge, micro-electron diffraction, combining SAS with cryoEM/MX/NMR, radiation damage, meaning of resolution.
Abstract deadline extended to April 12

4-8 August  Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting (M&M 2019)  Portland, OR USA
Multiple Sessions, tutorials, and symposia related to 3DEM
Abstract submission deadline February 15

8-9 August  NYC Computational Cryo-EM Summer Workshop  NYC, NY USA
Workshop brings together applied mathematicians, software developers, and experimentalists from the field of cryo-EM to advance the state of data analysis and processing.
Registration required

12-30 August  PNCC Hands-On Workshop  Portland, OR USA
3-week workshop focused on hands-on training and practice with every step of the single-particle workflow, from sample vitrification, to microscope operation, to data collection and processing.
Application window 1-14 April

28-30 August  7th Basel Workshop on Tomography and Subtomogram Averaging with Dynamo  University of Basel, Switzerland
Hands-on training on all practical aspects of subtomogram averaging, encompassing all stages of the pipeline: tomogram visualization and archiving, particle picking in different geometries, averaging, refinement and classification.
Application deadline July 6

2-6 September  Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Cross-Scale Biological Structure  Suzhou, China
Oral and poster sessions covering the latest findings across many topics in Cross-Scale Biological Structure: From Macromolecular Complexes and Organelles to Cells and Tissues. Many talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.
Application deadline July 12

10-11 October  CryoNet Symposium: Postrevolution cryo-EM: Reaping the benefits while looking to the future  Stockholm, Sweden
Alongside presentations on important biological results will be methodological advances emphasizing that cryo-EM is still in a growth phase.
Registration required, abstract submission by students/postdocs is encouraged.

3-9 November  EMBO Course: Practical Integrative Structural Biology  Hamburg, Germany
Participants will learn how information from different structural biology techniques (MX, EM, SAXS and NMR) can be combined with computational modelling techniques to address the three-dimensional structure of challenging biomolecular complexes.
Application deadline 15 August

19-20 November  3rd Instruct Workshop for Best Practices in CryoEM  Strasbourg, France
Intended to promote sharing of experiences by EM user facilities and is open to EM facility scientists, manager and computing specialists both from Academia and Industry (max 50 participants).
Registration deadline 15 October

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