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New Project Name: EMDataResource

The EMDataBank/Unified Data Resource for 3DEM Project, established in 2007 to serve the scientific community as a global portal for deposition, search, services, and events related to 3D (cryo) electron microscopy, has a new name: EMDataResource. This name change more clearly distinguishes our collaborative project from the EMDB Map Data Archive.

With joint deposition of 3DEM maps and models now fully integrated into the wwPDB OneDep system, we will continue to maintain this website as a resource for the 3DEM community, and to collaborate with EMDB, wwPDB, and related resources. This site will also serve as our platform for stimulating community development of validation criteria and standards through additional challenge activities.

In addition to the name change, several improvements have been made to the project website, including a new service for searching and viewing EMDB map entry data, plus more mobile-friendly pages.

To preserve continuity, emdatabank.org bookmarks, links, and email addresses will automatically forward to the new domain. Please note that legacy emsearch and atlas pages will be retired in spring 2019.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions at help@emdataresource.org.

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