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3DEM test data

Raw image datasets

Several EM image datasets are publicly available to download for testing, please follow the links below:

2016 Map Challenge Benchmark Test Data

EMPIAR - EM Pilot Image Archive, multiple datasets related to EMDB map depositions

EMDB - ribosome (J. Frank) and GroEL (Birkbeck)

NRAMM - TMV, Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin, GroEL,Cowpea mosaic virus

Grigorieff Lab - purple membrane, papillomavirus, ion channels, DQE data

Marlovits Lab - injectisome Salmonella needle complex


3DEM models

2016 Model Challenge Benchmark Test Data

2019 Model Metrics Challenge Benchmark Test Data

Do you have or know of an additional resource for EM test data? Please let us know: help@emdataresource.org.

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