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EMDataResource Challenges

This page serves as an archive of the EMDataResource team's interactions with the 3DEM community to establish data validation methods for Cryo-EM structures. Following recommendations of the EM Validation Task Force (Henderson et al 2012), EMDR hosted and organized the Challenge activities listed below. Links are provided to publications and special journal issues as well as Zenodo-hosted Challenge data archives.

The original Challenges Drupal-based website is here. Most content is already archived (per Challenge) at Zenodo.

October 6-8, 2017 CryoEM Structure Joint Challenges Workshop, SLAC Campus, Stanford University, California. All participants of the 2016 Map and Model Challenges (challengers, assessors, committee) were invited to attend, present, and discuss their findings, and to help develop recommendations for future challenge events.

See also: Workshops related to these Challenge activities.

2021 Ligand Model Challenge

2019 Model Metrics Challenge

2016 Map & Model Challenges

2010 Model Challenge

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