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The paper describing wwPDB OneDep system is now available

The paper describing wwPDB OneDep system is now available. The wwPDB has deployed a unified system for deposition, biocuration, and validation of macromolecular structures globally across all wwPDB, EMDB, and BMRB deposition sites to meet the evolving requirements of the scientific community to archive structural data over the coming decades.

The OneDep system provides a user-friendly deposition interface and improved structure validation with the benefit of recommendations from expert task forces representing the respective methodological communities. The processing efficiency in biocuration is improved as OneDep supports a more automated workflow.

As Milka Kostic, the Senior Editor at Structure and Cell Chemical Biology described, OneDep is a step in the right direction and offers a single point of entry into the atomic coordinate deposition process, as well as improving processes of structure validation and data biocuration.

Source: wwPDB News

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