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New EMDB Services

March 2009: We are pleased to announce improvements to EM Databank deposition and retrieval services hosted by PDBe (Europe) and RCSB PDB (USA).

Joint Map + Model Deposition: Map deposition has been integrated with fitted coordinate model deposition to the PDB. Upon completion of an EMDEP3 map deposition session, the user is presented with the option to deposit one or more coordinate models to the PDB using AUTODEP (PDBe) or ADIT (RCSB PDB). Experiment-related metadata is automatically transferred to the PDB coordinate deposition session.

EMViewer: EMViewer, a 3D java map viewer, is now accessible from EMDB atlas visualization pages at both sites. Clicking on the "Launch EMViewer" button will bring up a simple representation of the map displayed at a single isocontour level that can be manipulated by mouse drag and click actions.

The EMDB contains more than 600 experimentally determined three-dimensional maps and associated experimental data and files, and is funded by NIH GM079429 to Baylor College of Medicine, Rutgers University, and the European Bioinformatics Institute, and EU Sixth Framework Programme 3D-EM Network of Excellence contract LSHG-CT-2004-502828 to EBI.


EMViewer views of EMD-1007, EMD-1038, EMD-1083, EMD-1135, EMD-1288, EMD-1319, EMD-1422, EMD-1563, EMD-1580, EMD-5001, EMD-5020

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