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2018 ACA CryoEM Workshop

The Cryo-EM Workshop: A Guide to High Resolution Structure Determination was held on July 21, 2018 as part of the American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada. Co-organized by Lori Passmore (MRC-LMB) and Wah Chiu (Stanford U), and sponsored by Douglas Instruments, Gatan, and ThermoFisher Scientific, the one-day workshop attracted over 130 attendees.

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Cryo-EM has become increasingly popular among structural biologists and is now the method of choice for structure determination of proteins larger than ~200 kDa. It has been particularly successful for proteins that are difficult to crystallize, including membrane proteins, large assemblies and multi-protein complexes. The workshop provided a detailed overview of cryo-EM specimen preparation, image processing and building/refinement of atomic models, with focus on high-resolution single particle cryo-EM, and several hands-on tutorials. Materials from the workshop can be accessed HERE and through the links below.

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Instructor Topic
Wah Chiu Welcome and Introduction to Cryo-EM
Lori Passmore Specimen Preparation for Cryo-EM
Chris Russo Specimen Preparation, Data Collection and Radiation Damage || Russo&Henderson2018
John Rubinstein Image Processing — Intro, Background, Implementation
Marcus Brubaker Image Processing — Bayesian Methods and Optimization
Ali Punjani CryoSparc Image Processing Tutorial
Tom Terwilliger Phenix tools for Cryo-EM
Matthew Baker Model Building in Cryo-EM || Pathwalking Tutorial
Corey Hryc Model Optimization Tutorial || zipfile
Corey Hryc Model Validation Tutorial || zipfile

Tutorial Software

These software packages are available on Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • UCSF Chimera is used to visualize/manipulate both map and model.
  • Phenix (command line) is used to optimize the molecular model with respect to the experimental data.
  • EMAN2 is used for Pathwalking as well as validation routines such as map/model FSC.
  • COOT is used for model refinement in the Pathwalker Tutorial.

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