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2D Crystal Workshop

Jan 2008: An informal one day workshop organized by Wah Chiu and Cathy Lawson was held on Jan 15, 2008 at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. The purpose of the meeting was to get the opinion and advice of experts in 2D EM crystallography on the subset of meta-data items in the EM dictionary that pertain to this research area. Five scientists that specialize in 2D electron diffraction methods attended in person: Tom Walz, Harvard; Gary Ren, UCSF; Anchi Cheng, Scripps; Henning Stahlberg, UC Davis; Ken Downing, LBNL. The workshop was also attended remotely by Mike Schmid (Baylor) and project members at Baylor, RCSB, and EBI using an internet+phone interface (webex). During the workshop, data items related to the 2D EM method were presented and discussed. The experts made many helpful suggestions, the most important of which was to more fully separate representation of the two experimental modes of data collection, imaging and diffraction. The data model also needs to include parameters for multiple-layer crystals. It was decided to continue discussions. Several recent structures were suggested as examples for testing.

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