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Open meeting hosted by UK Cryo-EM Validation Network

A 3-day virtual/online meeting "Cryo-EM Validation in the Age of SARS-CoV-2: Methods, Tools and Applications" will present current thinking on cryo-EM map and map/model validation, and consider future research directions.

Each day will consist of two sessions with talks and a panel discussion, with the following themes:

  • Day 1: 18th Nov Analysis and validation of SARS-CoV-2 EM structures
  • Day 2: 19th Nov Single particle map and tomogram validation
  • Day 3: 20th Nov Map-model validation

The meeting features an excellent lineup of speakers and talk topics; access is free for anyone who wishes to join. We note that EMDR team members Cathy Lawson and Wah Chiu will speak on Friday Nov 20: "EMDataResource Validation Challenges: Overview and Outcomes", and "Quantitative Measure of Resolvability of CryoEM Density."

Registration is required: bit.ly/valid-sars

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